Behind The Scenes Of This Year’s Image Awards

 I wanted to post these earlier, but I was too busy making the doggone show!

Stevie Wonder NAACP Image Awards rehearsal

Here’s Stevie Wonder, America’s National Treasure, in rehearsal. One of the keyboardists in his band was jamming one of my favorite songs, Weather Report’s YOUNG AND FINE to warm up.

After hearing Stevie run it down, I made the executive decision to give him more time and add one more song to the medley. More is always more with Stevie. 

NAACP Image Awards rehearsal seating

These signs help the crew in rehearsal so they know how to position themselves to capture crowd reactions and winners as they walk to the stage. 

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Godchildren

California Attorney General Kamala Harris with her very adorable Godchildren being interviewed on the Red Carpet by Kevin Frazier.

Reginald and John Ridley at NAACP Image Awards

During the Red Carpet show (a NAACP Award first!), I ran into screenwriter John Ridley, who won an Image Award and an Oscar for 12 YEARS A SLAVE.

Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry backstage at NAACP Image Awards

When I saw two the biggest stars in Hollywood talking backstage, I had to capture Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry together. Kevin was the big winner of the night with awards for best actor in a sitcom, best sitcom for REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD and Entertainer of the Year.

NAACP Image Awards producers with friends and family

After the show, me and fellow producers Phil Gurin and Byron Phillips took a picture with friends and family. Many of these people grew up with me in East St. Louis. Others are more recent but no less dear. These people are what it’s all about.

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Reginald Hudlin Interviews Denys Cowan On The Importance Of Education!

Denys Cowan and I attended an education conference given by Black Enterprise and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  ProfessU, one of the attendees, wanted to interview us, so I took the mike and interviewed Denys about his educational background.  The results may not be what he had in mind when he asked us to do it, but it was still very interesting.

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Miles And Me


RH and Frances Davis

Me with Miles Davis’ ex-wife Frances.  My wife met her years ago and she kept her fascinated with great stories from her life.   She danced with the great Kathrine Dunham, who changed our families’ life as well. 

Miles Davis Exhibition

The Davis family hosted a small exhibition of Miles Davis’ art at a gallery in Los Angeles to celebrate the publication of a coffee table book of his work.

Miles Davis The Collected Artwork

The art was cool, with music spun by the son of Stanley Clarke.  I kicked with Vince Wilburn, Miles’ nephew and a bandleader his self; Nas, who calmly told a hear-wrenching story of owning and losing an original piece of Miles’ art; and some folks who know my mom, because everywhere I go in LA I meet people who love my mom.  She has a busier social life than me. 

Nas, Vince Wilburn, Erin Davis

Nas, Vince Wilburn, Miles’ son Erin Davis.  Vince grew up in East St. Louis too.

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Inner City Filmmakers Commencement

Reginald Hudlin at Inner City Filmmakers Commencement 

Rick Hess, an old friend of mine I met when he was an executive at TriStar when I first came to Hollywood, called and asked if I would speak at the graduation of Inner City Filmmakers, which I was glad to do.  I knew if Rick was involved, it was worthwhile, and I’m always happy to talk to kids. 

This was one of those events that is so inspiring, I worked extra hard to give to the kids as much as they were giving me. 

Inner City Filmmakers Commencement

I met the kids at the reception where we took this picture.  Mainly Latin and Black kids who otherwise would not get a chance to work in the entertainment business.

RH with Fred Heinrich and Stephania Lipner

The folks who put it together are Fred Heinrich and Stephania Lipner, a husband wife team who basically gave up a successful career in commercials to do this full time.

RH with Bettina Fisher and Vic Bullock of the Academy of Motion Pictures

The event was at the Academy of Motion Pictures…here I am posing with two of their executives.  Bettina Fisher heads up their education efforts, and Vic Bullock just joined the organization after a long tenure at the NAACP. 

Rick Hess and RH

First they showed a reel of alumni of the program who have gone on to have great careers in the business, down to winning Emmys.  Then I got up and did a question and answer session with Rick Hess (who is Chairman of the ICF Board) and then opened it up to questions from the audience.  The questions were smart, real, and made me dig deep. 

RH with Inner City Filmmakers students

Afterwards they showed the short films the kids did…so much great talent!  I hope to bring some of them onboard my upcoming projects.

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Reggie At The DGA


DGA AA Steering Committee

Fresh from moderating the DGA tribute to John Singleton, here I am having an off the record conversation with the DGA African American Steering Committee.  In the photo is Carl Seaton, Oz Scott, yours truly, Jeff Byrd, Abdul Malik Abbott and DGA President Paris Barclay.

Reggie at DGA AA Steering Committee

Carl Weathers, Dwight Williams, Craig Ross Jr.

DGA members Carl Weathers, Dwight Williams and Craig Ross Jr.  When Apollo Creed gives you a compliment, your day is made.  Dwight Williams is a legend in the business…he not only had nice things to say, but incredible stories that inspired me.  Craig is true independent who keeps making films.   What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Here’s the DGA description of the event:

A Conversation with Reginald Hudlin

July 13, 2013
An African American Steering Committee Event

The African American Steering Committee (AASC) hosted a conversation with Director/Producer Reginald Hudlin following their regular monthly meeting in the Los Angeles Boardroom on July 13.

Although known as the director of features such as House Party and Boomerang, the main topic of discussion was Hudlin’s work as a producer on Quentin Tarantino’s controversial feature Django Unchained.

In the film, a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) with the help of a German bounty hunter (Christophe Waltz). Django Unchained earned multiple honors including an Academy Award nomination for “Best Picture,” a “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar for Waltz, and a “Best Original Screenplay” Oscar for Tarantino.

Hudlin sat down with Director/AASC Co-Chair Carl Seaton, (One Week, Of Boys and Men) who moderated a conversation that explored the challenges of making the film, the controversy surrounding its subject matter, and the global success of Django Unchained.

In addition to the aforementioned features, Hudlin’s directing filmography includes the feature films The Great White Hype, Serving Sara, and The Ladies Man; as well as episodes of television series such as Bones, Modern Family, The Office, The Bernie Mac Show, and Everybody Hates Chris.

Hudlin has been a member of the DGA since 1991.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2013


Reginald and Orlando Jones

This is me and the hilarious, inventive and hard working Orlando Jones at the annual Black Panel. People were really coveting my custom, limited edition Milestone shirt.

Reggie at the SDCC Black Panel with Steve McKeever

I wasn’t on the panel this year so I got to sit next to friend and Hidden Beach Records owner Steve McKeever and enjoy the show. With hilarity from Orlando Jones AND Wayne Brady, and deep insights from the brilliant artist Ken Lashley, it was the best black panel ever.

Reggie at SDCC Black Panel

Even though I was not scheduled to be on the panel, Orlando sent a DJANGO question my way since I was in the audience. I was asked if DJANGO will change Hollywood’s attitude about films with black heroes. 

Here’s the kick ass finale to the Black Panel – sizzle reels to two cool projects:

Here’s the whole black panel on video:

Milestone 20th Anniversary Tribute by John Jennings

The panel immediately following was the 20th Anniversary tribute to Milestone. Here is a awesome piece of art by John Jennings.

Reggie moderating SDCC Milestone panel

I was the moderator of the Milestone Panel. But the panel started with the Milestone founders Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis getting Inkpot Awards from the San Diego Comicon. It was a pretty magical moment.

Denys Cowan

Here’s Denys with his Inkpot Award in one hand, and a fan-made Hardware helmet in the other. 

Milestone founders

Here are the surviving Milestone founders Michael, Derek and Denys with their awards. My line of questions about the early days of Milestone actually made Michael cry, which shocked EVERYONE who knows him. 

Ken Lashley and Phil LaMarr

Here’s Ken Lashley with actor and voiceover king Phil LaMarr, who is the voice of Static Shock, among a million other jobs. 

Reggie & Shawn Martinborough

Here I am (with my Got Funk shirt gifted from Bootsy himself) with amazing artist Shawn Martinborough.

John Romita, Jr., Reggie, Axel Alonso, Klaus Jansen

After talking with Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso at the Marvel party the night before, I accepted his invitation to crash the John Romita Jr tribute panel. Axel himself moderated the discussion with the defining Marvel artist, and penciller on the first six issues of BLACK PANTHER. Here I am with Axel, JR Jr, and brilliant inker Klaus Jansen.  Sorry for the soft focus on the picture, but that’s because we all felt warm and fuzzy.

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Me And JJ Abrams At The Producer’s Guild Conference


Conversation with J.J. Abrams

Because of my work on DJANGO UNCHAINED, I am a member of the Producer’s Guild, which makes me very proud.   What made me prouder was JJ Abrams asking me to interview him for his appearance at the PGA’s “Produced By…” conference. 
Reggie interviewing J.J. Abrams

I asked JJ the questions I wanted to know, like how, as a devoted dad, he balanced work and home life, and how he decided which projects to take on.  I also wondered what he learned from two parents in the business. 


Before the session, I got a haircut.  When they found out where I was going, they insisted that I ask whether the new STAR WARS movie would use material from the “extended universe” novels.  JJ said the question was beneath me, and wondered what kind of barbershop I am going to.  But between debating Kobe vs. MJ and Ghostface vs. Tupac, such conversation did take place and I had to represent.  No answer was forthcoming.  Still, a good time was had by all.

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Miles 20 Years Later

This is not from the LA show, but this gives a fraction of the feeling of the night.

Miles Tribute Show

Miles left the planet 20 years ago, but his music, his cultural affect continues.  Three of his alumni, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock (lot of alliteration there) and Wayne Shorter teamed up and did a series of concerts celebrating his music.  Since Miles didn’t look back, they turned the music inside out and arranged as the soundtrack to Miles’ dreams.

Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock and Reginald

After going backstage, I was leaving with my man Steve McKeever and said I had never met Herbie Hancock.  Steve said he’s never taken a picture with him.  So we went back to fix both those mistakes.

Herbie Hancock, Steve McKeever, Marcus Miller, and Reginald

Herbie was lovely and we got the dope picture with Herbie and Marcus in the shot.  Niiiice, real nice.

John Singleton Tribute At The DGA


John Singleton Tribute at DGA

Speaking of John Singleton, John asked me to moderate a discussion with him about his work in a star studded tribute to his career.  As John said, it was like our conversations in the parking lot of Golden Apple Comics, but now with a audience of hundreds watching. 
Johns Singleton and Reginald

I got a lot of great emails from people who enjoyed our comfort with each other along with our different styles. 

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Enter The Dragon 40th Anniversary

The Academy had a special screening of ENTER THE DRAGON with key surviving cast and crew present.  They told great stories, then we watched the movie again…which I had not seen in its entirely since I was a kid.

Damn it holds up!  What a great time!  It is lean and mean as a mug!

Shannon Lee with Kung Fu poster collection

Afterwards we enjoyed the amazing exhibit of classic kung fu movie posters donated to the Motion Picture Academy by Stephen Chin.

Selwyn Hines and John Singleton with his son

Here’s a picture of Selwyn Hines with John Singleton and his son, who is now a student at USC.

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