Static Shock!

‘Static Shock’ Live-Action Series Coming From ‘Django Unchained’ Producer

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 by Angie Han

Static Shock

It seems Warner Bros. will not rest until every DC superhero has his or her own live-action adaptation. Not that we’re complaining. The latest comic book project announced by the studio is Static Shock, a live-action series to be produced by Warner Bros.’ new digital division Blue Ribbon Content.

At the center of the story is Virgil Ovid Hawkins a.k.a. Static, a young black geek with electromagnetic superpowers. Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin will executive produce. Hit the jump for details on the new Static Shock series.

THR has the full writeup of Blue Ribbon Content’s upcoming programming slate. Here’s the rundown of the Static Shock series:

Writer/producer/director Reginald Hudlin (Best Picture Oscar nominee for producing Django Unchained) leads the creative team behind a live-action adaptation of Static Shock, featuring the African-American super hero Static, aka Virgil Ovid Hawkins. Static Shock is based on the Static comic co-created by the late Dwayne McDuffie with co-writer Robert L. Washington III and artist John Paul Leon, which was originally published by the DC Comics imprint Milestone Comics and, later, by DC Comics. Milestone Media co-founder/comic book artist/TV producer Denys Cowan (the original Static Shock animated series) is collaborating with Hudlin on the new Static Shock.

Static Shock #1

Jason Scot Jones sketch of Static Shock

Jason Scott Jones

Way back in the Analog Age my first professional pencilling assignment was a pinup of  (incredibly inked by Jimmy Palmiotti! Boy did I hit the lotto) With the news in that Static is getting a show, I couldn't help but draw Static as I'd imagine him reacting to the news, for old times celebration sake. Congrats Everyone.

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Marry Me

Casey Wilson and Reginald Hudlin

Marry Me is one of NBC’s big hits of the fall season.  I just directed an episode.  Here I am with star Casey Wilson.  Quit staring at that dope Captain America shirt I’m rocking. 

Reginald Hudlin and Tim Meadows

I can’t believe I didn’t get pictures with the amazing Ken Marino, John Gemberling, Sarah Wright Wilson and Tymberlee Hill who are all as delightful to be with as they are talented. 

But I did get a shot with Tim Meadows. We haven’t worked together since I directed him as the star of Ladies Man.  He’s a different kind of ladies man in this show, as one of Casey’s two dads.  We had a great time together.  He’s a massive talent.

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Can I Kick It?

Tone Bell and Reginald Hudlin

Me and the brilliant Tone Bell, one of the stars of NBC’s Bad Judge.

Here’s a clip from my episode.

While shooting, I told Tone about me directing Mr. Big Stuff for Heavy D and the Boyz and the posse jam Uptown’s Kicking It…both for 50k! 

Can I Kick It? flyer

Tone invited me to his monthly comedy show, Can I Kick It, where he and his hilarious friends deconstruct old school videos and muse about their childhoods. My old videos were featured and it was funny as hell. A good time had by all.

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I Love Your Smile!

 Halle Berry and Djimon Honsou

I love your smile but hate this picture.  Don’t know why this gauzy filter kicked in, but these are the only pictures of a historic meeting.  That’s Halle Berry (Storm) and Djimon Honsou (The Black Panther), together at last! 

Reggie, Halle Berry, Djimon Honsou, Russo

You might be wondering why I was with Halle, Djimon and the Russo Brothers (makers of the amazing Captain America: The Winter Soldier) but I’m not talking.

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